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The Celebrity Hot Spot

Havana Club is legendary for it’s exclusive events & celebrity DJs. We are known to accommodate Atlanta’s elite social groups & local celebrities.

Exclusive Events

Havana Club has hosted hundreds of Atlanta’s world famous events & we’re working with charities & businesses world wide to bring you the best parties of 2014-2015.

Popular Location

We are conveniently located on Piedmont Road, directly beside some of Buckhead’s premier dining establishments, & in walking distance of numerous hotels & shopping locations.

Experienced Staff Members

Our Havana Family consists of many of Atlanta’s most experienced bartenders, go-go dancers, & cocktail waitresses. We’re also the home of numerous local celebrity hosts!

Havana Gives Back

Recently, we’ve been working with charity organizations to bring purpose to nightlife in Atlanta. If you have an event or fundraiser that you’d like to host at our venue, send us an email including all details.



Irie has the number one mix-show on Miami’s WEDR 99 JAMZ is known (The Miami Herald and Miami Tribune are among those who say so) as Miami’s number one DJ, and while he is no doubt a skilled turntable maestro, a large part of what makes him great is less tangible. “I sense the (crowd’s) vibe is going in a certain direction then that’s what dictates what the music is going to be,” he says. “It could be anything. It might be house or classics or Latin or hip hop to start the journey. And then once the journey starts, it’s about continuing on that vibe and going where that vibe takes us. To me that’s what DJing is all about.”

That perspective has also made Irie, known for his immense energy, an almost ubiquitous presence in what some call the champagne life. Catch him on the tables at NBA All Star Weekend, VH1 Pepsi Superbowl Fan Jam, Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40, huge jet-setting events in countries including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, or in the Bahamas & St. Marten where he travels fifteen times a year to helm music at their hottest events and clubs. It can almost be said if you haven’t experienced a DJ Irie party then you’re not attending the right kind of parties. Oh yeah, besides the events, there’s that other gig of his, spinning as the official DJ for the Miami Heat.

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Our Standard Of Fun

Being a premier night life destination was always our #1 goal. We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence that exceeds “customer satisfaction”. Satisfied is not what we aim for. Overjoyed, delighted, blissful, ecstatic, now, these explain how our clientele will feel after a night spent at our venue. Our experience includes endless laughter & dancing, complimented with VIP services by our fun & friendly staff. Join our Havana Family & spend your weekends at a place that cares about you!

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Here’s a little taste of what an evening with us is all about..

Birthday & Bachelorette Specials!

We offer VIP table specials, bottle deals, & guest list opportunities for your special events!

Exclusive Sections

We offer exclusive VIP sections that will make you feel like the celebrity you’ve always wanted to be.

Socialites Unite

We host various events that are centered around networking & have become a prime opportunity to meet up with others like yourself!

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We’re always pairing up with other local businesses in order to create an ideal experience for our clientele.